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Quality Vinyl Windows from The Memory Company

The Memory Company has offered the finest Vinyl Replacement Window in the market place for almost 30 years. Our supplier, West Window Corporation has been building their classic windows since 1949. Yes, a window company that has been operating for more 60 years and today leads the market with top quality windows.

West Window Corporation offers their products direct to the contractor, cutting the distributor and wholesaler out of the process, thus saving the homeowner additional mark ups. Result ... the homeowner can get a great window from a local contractor at an affordable price.

The Memory Company offers an energy saving window, installed by quality craftsmen, that will save money for the homeowner everyday. Our energy efficient windows will add lasting beauty and at the same time will help reduce your energy costs summer and winter.

We offer dozens of different options for the homeowner so they can customize their windows to match their ireas for their own homes, even mobile homes. Not only can you customize the look, but you can also choose from several different options for energy efficient glass, allowing you to make your existing home as energy efficient as any new home.

West Windows Corporation and The Memory Company even offer impact glass windows for the coastal areas. These impact windows have very high wind ratings to meet local codes plus a coated glass that will withstand our occasional coastal storm.

We also use West Window Corporation as a source for a complete line of sunrooms and screen rooms. Contact The Memory Company today for an in-home estimate on all of your window needs in Whiteville, Columbus County and Brunswick County, NC.
The memory company | whiteville, nc
The memory company | whiteville, nc
The memory company | whiteville, nc
The memory company | whiteville, nc


A Few of the Window Options from West Window ...
Contact The Memory Company for more details and a free in-hone estimate.
Nuweld IITM Standard Features:
  • 3/4" Clear Insulated Glass is standard with numerous glazing options available, such as our energy saving high-performance Low-E with argon gas which achieves the Energy Star rating in all fifty states.
  • Designed as a true replacement window, the Nuweld II has large stamped metal jamb adjusters for precise alignment, an equal leg frame, head expander and sill angle for a perfect fit, and H-mullion for multiple window installations. Since the Nuweld II can be custom made to your exact size requirements, it can usually be installed in your home without disturbing existing interior woodwork.
  • The beveled exterior frame of the Nuweld II Series provides a pleasant appearance that complements any home exterior.
  • Fusion welded frame and sash construction produces a strong, long lasting, leak proof joint that will provide years of trouble free service.
    Dualvue IITM Standard Features
  • 3/4" Insulated Glass for energy efficiency and sound reduction.
  • Beveled sash rails with bead detail.
  • Extra high sill for improved water control, with unique sash to sill interlock feature for added strength and rigidity. True sloped sill improves water run-off and allows easy cleaning.
  • Interlocking sash rails for improved air resistance. Sash stiles have three rows of high performance fin seal weather-stripping for a superior seal between the frame and sash. A composite bulb seal on the bottom sash provides an excellent seal between the sash and window sill.
  • Night Latches allow partial ventilation of the window while providing extra security
  • Large lift and pull rails have a graceful curved contour which makes raising and lowering the sashes much easier.
    The DefenderTM Advantage:
  • During a hurricane, windborne debris poses a significant threat to your home's survival. Ordinary windows are frequently broken out during the storm, allowing damaging winds to enter the home which create enormous internal pressure. This intense pressure can lead to roof failure and separation, usually resulting in complete loss of the structure.
  • The DefenderTM Impact Resistant Window is designed and tested to remain intact even after being struck and broken by flying debris, preserving the integrity of the home's interior and preventing the entry of hurricane force winds.
  • Unlike Metal shutters or other window protection devices that must be installed over your windows in the event of a storm, the Defender? window provides effortless protection for your home, even when you're away.
  • With the DefenderTM Window, there are no external brackets or other unsightly hardware to corrode and spoil the exterior beauty of your home as is common with removable storm panels and shutter.
    Things to consider when ordering Bays and Bows:
  • For Bow windows, we can use several combinations of casement vents, double hung vents, or dead lite picture windows. All vent windows include aluminum screen cloth as standard. Fiberglass wire is available but there is no reduction in price.
  • For Bay windows, the center panel must be fixed, but we can use casement, double hungs, or dead lite picture windows for the end panels. We discourage the sale of exceptionally narrow or exceptionally wide bays because the center panel can appear out of proportion with the rest of the unit. Bays will be manufactured as a standard 1/4 vent -1/2 fixed -1/4 vent based on opening dimensions. The angle will be within the range of 30 to 45 degrees.